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Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy

• The company will begin shipping the period after the customer receives an SMS or E-Mail confirm the order with full payment only success.

• Customers will be make appointment from the delivery staff follow the telephone number that provided when making a payment.

• Shipping divided into two categories.

1. Delivered to the address specified (Door to Door) Specific customer specified delivery location in Bangkok and will be shipping to customers after full payment only.

2. Delivery by Thai Post or Forwarder to the address listed on the definition outside Bangkok and based on the weight and size of its service area.• Delivery time is approximately 2-10 business days depending on delivery area or the type of dealer.

• Customers can not change the delivery address after the order is complete.

• Delivery for delivery in three provinces (Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat), time of delivery will depend on the situation at that time. The company Delivery will be provided as appropriate.

• Some products items may need time to get the product from the manufacturer or distributor may result in the product exceeding the delivery prescribed period.

• Time Delivery time is estimated which based on the company's logistics providers by not counting Saturday - Sunday and public holidays

• Due to the policy of delivery of each item is different. Customers can check the shipping policy before you buy. Read the policy by shipping each item detail page.

• Delivery will follow the order number. Items ordered from the same order number may have different shipping provider. Clients may not be received at the same day.

• Delivery time, according to company-defined policies. Excluding Saturday - Sunday and public holidays. Time of delivery may be delayed especially during the festival.

• The Company reserves the right to ship goods over a specified period. If the force majeure

• The Company reserves the right to change any conditions without notice.

• If customers want to change of delivery address. It depends on the conditions of the carrier. In the case of roaming, shipping costs may be incurred. Customers will be responsible for additional costs.

Exchange Policy / Return policy.

• Please check accuracy the policies and conditions before the order, every time.

• Warranty of each product is different according to the policies of the manufacturer of that product. Customers must check the warranty policy before buying the product you purchase.

• Accept replacement or refund within 7 working days after ordering. Without charge by the following

1. Delivery wrong model, color, or size to the customer.

2. Delivery has different characteristics. Or no resemblance to the image of the products listed in the product detail page.

3. Delivery a damaged condition or unavailable to customers (Customers must keep a box. With proof of purchase) if the goods are not in original condition, the Company reserves the right to exchange / return policy.

• The company will exchange the goods after the customer received the goods within seven working days from the date beyond the Company reserves the right to not be exchanged / returned goods.

• The Company reserves the right to return the order does not agree to return the policy of the manufacturer.

• The Company reserves the right to check before shipping products to customers.

• The Company reserves the right to change its policy and according to the company. Only

Refund Policy

• We will refund to customers. In the event the Company cannot ship customer orders.

• Refund Period. The details are as follows

1. Payment by credit card. The rebate system will be delivered automatically. It can check within 10 days, the customer still cannot determine the amount of such. 10 days after the due date, then you can ask for more information from the bank that issued your credit card.

2. Payment through other channels. Contact staff to send a document Bank account name of the order only. In the process refunds

• The Company reserves the right to return the money within a specified period. If the force majeure

• The Company reserves the right to change any conditions without notice.

• If you have any questions or concerns. Contact the Call Center 02-559-3800 Open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 17:30 pm. except public holidays.

Product Warranty

The customers can be satisfied in order to 2C Online Store. The company's policy to warranty the product will be as follow.

• The Company's warranty depending on the type of product and warranty policies of the manufacturer of that product. It is under the consideration of the Company or a designated of authorized agent

• The Warranty of each product is different. Customers must check the details of the warranty before you make a purchase order which is available on the product detail page.

• The Company reserves the right to check before shipping products to customers.

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